5. Edmonton Pavilion

Ociciwan x Evan Matchett-Wong


家禧,你在家 / Kendrick, you're home

Statement from the artist:
“Chinatown is the people, the people, the people” - Sid Tan, Whose Chinatown? Conference April 10, 2021.

Growing up, my family would travel annually to San Francisco to visit my 嫲嫲 / Ma Ma (paternal grandmother) and extended family. I treasured this time because hanging out with 嫲嫲 opened more ways for connecting to my Cantonese roots through food, speaking Seiyap (dialect), and cultural traditions. My dad loved taking photos and I have this adorable one of my mom, little bro, and I in front of Oakland’s Chinatown Gate. This photo holds many family memories and demonstrates the power of the image and cultural sites to pass on intergenerational knowledge.

家禧,你在家 / Kendrick, you're home explores being a new father and how I will carry on the tradition of using photo and video to capture and share family memories. As our Chinatown decays, remembering it now feels urgent and I want 家禧 to be able to connect with this cultural space to understand me better, how it has nurtured my sense of belonging, and that he will have his own rights and responsibilities to shape his home and future.