8. West of West Chinatown Pavilion

West of West Chinatown is none other than our pavilion based out of Mississauga, ON-- in other words, to the West of Toronto’s Chinatown West.

Our West of West Chinatown Pavilion is located at Trithis Restaurant at 1177 Central Parkway West Unit 105 in Mississauga, ON. They are open 7 days a week from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. While the work is visible from outside the restaurant, we recommending visiting during their open hours and enjoying some of the best homestyle Cantonese cuisine Mississauga has to offer.

Soft Copy

This project by Anne Chen was born out of her father’s request to catalog his Chinese art collection. Knowing little about Chinese art, she declined. As she mulled over the request, she wondered if her response came from insecurity researching art history or anxiety about detangling familial trauma. In the past year she has been making these hard things soft as a small collection of soft sculptures, reproductions of functional and decorative objects from her dad’s collection.